Notenik Version History

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Version 2.50 (2017-02-04)

  1. Added the ability to Import information about Mac Applications
    This new import function can be used to create a catalog of your applications. Use the Tags to categorize them any way you like. You can also launch each app directly from its Note in Notenik.

Version 2.40 (2016-12-20)

  1. Refinements to the Reports Feature
    Several refinements to the Reports function were implemented.

Version 2.31 (2016-12-16)

  1. Logging Change
    Created and displayed logging screen at beginning of startup, to help with debugging when main screen never loads. Also removed debugging display of display tab HTML code.

Version 2.30 (2016-12-11)

  1. Added Display Tab and Display Preferences
    Added a Display tab to allow the note to be viewed without editing, and a Display Preferences tab to allow the look and feel of the Display tab to be tweaked.

Version 2.20 (2016-08-15)

  1. Added Index Field
    Added an Index field that can be used to identify terms under which a note should be indexed.

Version 2.10 (2016-06-17)

  1. Allow file extension to be specified (md vs txt)
    The template file can now have any file extension, and that will become the default for the collection. Additionally, when a particular note is read from disk, its current file extension will be honored in following save operations.

  2. Added Reports Menu
    Added a Reports Menu, which will be automatically populated based on the presence of PSTextMerge script files, sharing an extension of '.tcz', found within a 'reports' folder.

Version 2.00 (2016-03-16)

  1. Improved Documentation and Bug Fixes
    Improved the documentation and made sure everything works per the user guide.

Version 1.80 (2015-11-16)

  1. Added Note Copy/Paste Functionality
    Added Copy and Paste functions to the Note menu, allowing a note to be copied from one collection to another, by way of the System Clipboard.

Version 1.70 (2015-08-31)

  1. Added Status Field with Purge Capability
    A Status field may now be used, by specifying the field contents for a collection through the use of a 'template.txt' file. When a Status field is present, the File menu will include a command to Purge closed notes, optionally copying them to an archive folder before deleting them from the current collection.

Version 1.60 (2015-03-18)

  1. Added Export for MS Links
    Added a new export format that combines the Title and the Link into a single field, separated by '#'.

Version 1.51 (2015-02-24)

  1. Now Remembers Last Note Displayed
    Instead of always positioning on the first note on the list, Notenik now attempts to re-position itself on the last item displayed when a collection is opened.

Version 1.50 (2015-02-06)

  1. Added XML Export and Import
    The File Menu now contains options for exporting to XML, and for importing from the same.

Version 1.40 (2015-01-29)

  1. Added Get File Info Item under Note Menu
    Get File Info command pops up a small window with info about a link to a local file or file share, including a list of files with similar names.

Version 1.31 (2015-01-22)

  1. Added Escape Edit Menu Item
    Selecting the Escape Edit menu item, or hitting the Escape key, will undo any edits currently in progress against the current note.

  2. Corrected Path Name Separator
    Corrected path name separator being used to form the path for backups.

Version 1.30 (2015-01-17)

  1. Added Tags Export Prefs
    Tags Export Prefs now allow the user to limit an export to certain tags, and/or to suppress certain tags from appearing in exported tags fields.

Version 1.20 (2015-01-05)

  1. Added Note Menu Item to Text Edit Current Note
    Added Note Menu Item to open the current note in the preferred local text editor.

Version 1.10 (2014-10-04)

  1. Added Folder Sync Option
    Added a new Foldery Sync option available through the application preferences, allowing multiple collections to be synced with a common folder that may be conveniently accessed using nvAlt.

Version 1.00 (2014-05-26)

  1. Initial Release of Notenik
    Initial release of Notenik.

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