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iWisdom was one of two MacLife ShareWare Picks in their August, 2010 issue!

MacLife, August 2010

iWisdom is a desktop program that will help you manage and maintain a list of quotations and insightful ideas. Some of its special features are:

  • a number of related fields, including title, category, author, source, year of initial publication, and rights;
  • storage of your wisdom in an open, non-proprietary XML format;
  • multiple sorting and selection fields;
  • multiple files with remembered viewing options for each;
  • multiple categories and levels of categorization, with a tree view to let you see your items within categories;
  • automatic Web Publishing;
  • automatic XML publishing (to create RSS feeds, for example);
  • a Find function;
  • a Category Mass Change function;
  • Web Page validation;
  • an import capability that can extract existing wisdom from a number of different file formats;
  • options to modify the look and feel of iWisdom;
  • a transfer function to convert a wisdom item to readable plain text, with a corresponding accept function to convert the plain text (after possible transmission via e-mail, etc.) into a new wisdom item on another iWisdom list.

Screen Shot

iWisdom Screen Shot

Final Release Version

The final release of iWisdom version 2.50 is available for downloading. See our Version History page for information about the new release.

User Guide

The complete iWisdom User Guide is available online.

Version History

See the Version History page for recent enhancements to iWisdom.

Wisdom available to Import

See the Available Wisdom page for known Web collections available to import into iWisdom.


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